Ask (nicely) and you might receive!

posted on 3rd May 2016 in Getting A Sound Engineering Job
It is my firm belief that many people are struggling to find sound engineering jobs because they simply don’t know how to ask nicely!


posted on 28th April 2016 in Being a Sound EngineerKeeping Up to Date
Come join the Audiothinktank at PLASA Focus Leeds 2016!

Things I Learned In Frankfurt

posted on 14th April 2016 in Keeping Up to Date
The Prolight & Sound Show in Frankfurt is well worth a visit.

Up Your Output

posted on 18th March 2016 in Getting A Sound Engineering Job
Joining organisations is a good place to start networking!

Why You Should Go To Trade Shows

posted on 3rd March 2016 in Being a Sound EngineerKeeping Up to Date
Trade Shows are great places to network and get ideas - go whenever you can!

Calibration & Design Techniques for Modern Sound Systems

posted on 18th February 2016 in Being a Sound Engineer
Within minutes of walking into the Soulsound seminar on Calibration and Design Techniques for Modern Sound Systems I was totally relaxed and engaged.

New Year Panic

posted on 11th January 2016 in Being a Sound Engineer
New Year Panic! Get used to it, it is a feature of our profession.

Bounce, Baby, Bounce

posted on 30th December 2015 in Outboard & EffectsStudio Sound
In the run up to Christmas, Gianluca and I were very busy working on the mixes of the new Iamthemorning record.

Check It Yourself

posted on 30th December 2015 in Mixing Live Sound
I had a nice afternoons teaching in Birmingham this month.

Capturing The Magic Of Marjana

posted on 14th December 2015 in MicrophonesOutboard & EffectsStudio Sound
Tonight we are recording vocal parts with Iamthemorning singer Marjana Semkina.

Recording Harp with Hattie in Hackney!

posted on 8th December 2015 in MicrophonesStudio Sound
Last weekend Gianluca Capacchione and I were working with Hattie Webb . We recorded a very special song for Hattie's upcoming album. Hattie's brother Brad Webb joined us also to play some fantastic percussion parts and he also provided the backing vocals for this song. Wow, what an amazingly talented family these kids come from…

Cut Away From Yourself

posted on 28th November 2015 in Touring
On day one of the current tour I cracked a tooth. Leaving breakfast I had that uncomfortable feeling that something felt wrong in my mouth. Having only had Bircher muesli I feel a bit annoyed, I mean it is pretty soft! Luckily though I had renewed my travel insurance just a few days before. Specialist travel insurance is a must if you work abroad. I use one of the specialist brokers for our industry and it’s about £150 a year.

Is Mixing Personal?

posted on 18th November 2015 in Being a Sound Engineer
To whom is a sound engineer responsible when creating a mix? Thanks again to all who turned up at PLASA to hear me rant on about stuff. Apologies for running out of time and for having to shout over some very rude speaker demonstrations from just outside the lecture area! For those who missed it, I was exploring the idea of creative input in a mix. My personal opinion is that it is an essential part of the process.

Thumpunderous Sound Is Worth The Trucking

posted on 26th October 2015 in Touring
Weighing up the costs of touring.

Competence, Confidence and Connections

Gaining the Three C's is a sure path to success - but you might need to give up some of your time to get there.

Speaker Coverage Angle

posted on 2nd September 2015 in Mixing Live Sound
Speaker coverage angle is a loudspeaker specification that, when understood, will make you better than 80%* of the other sound engineers out there.

Silence Is Not So Golden

posted on 15th August 2015 in Festivals
Well, what do you do when disaster strikes? In audio terms this is usually when everything suddenly goes dead for no apparent reason. Usually this doesn’t happen too often, but sure enough last week in front of 60,000 people I had the full on silent treatment from the festival PA. To be honest no matter how many people there are, the feeling is just as bad.

Bodge Kits & Buzzes

posted on 21st July 2015 in Keeping Up to Date
I have a new addition to my bodge-it tool kit! It was something I didn’t need until I had to solve a problem I had never had before. I am currently out doing festivals with my trusty analogue mixing desk. As we are doing lots of shows I am using locally-supplied multicores at each festival. This is problematical but we have a nice split system and as long as we take the mains for FOH from the same place as monitors it is not normally an issue.

On Time for Lobby Call

posted on 7th July 2015 in Festivals
In the last two weekends I have visited about 6 countries. The festival season brings with it long hours and lots of travel. As festivals take place all over the world, and in the Northern hemisphere all around the same time, the distances are only limited by how far you can fly between shows.

Why I Still Love Festivals

posted on 7th July 2015 in Festivals
That was a weekend of extremes. I spent Saturday night at one of the most well organised festivals in the world. Werchter is a dream to work at. A huge stage with lots of space. Great catering and a really well designed backstage area. It doesn't get better than this.

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