Aim Any Speaker – Webinar

If you’ve ever worked a gig where you walk into a room with fear in your heart about what to do with these big black boxes that you don’t know anything about–first of all, thanks for caring–second, Nathan is going to help you get over that fear. You will discover:
How to choose one or multiple speakers for consistent coverage
How to avoid room reflections and coverage overlap that cause nasty phasing
How to use LF control in small venues so that the neighbors don’t call the cops
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll cover all of that and more during the live training on December 5th at 7:00 PM GMT. Here are a few more questions that we’ll cover:
What can I do when there isn’t enough time for Smaart and I don’t know what gear I have until I’m on-site?
Are there speakers that are not built to be arrayed horizontally?
How do I focus surrounds for even coverage?
When do mono and stereo systems really make a difference?
How do I use placement to avoid hot spots in the room?
How do I discover the coverage pattern of a speaker in the field?
When are delay speakers necessary?
Plus, there will be lots of time for Q&A at the end to talk about all of your speaker aim challenges. Even more, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a giveaway for an annual Soulsound membership just for attending! That includes £10m PLI for UK Residents. New members only. It’s going to be fantastic and you’re going to get a lot out of it, so mark your calendar and join us live on December 5th at 7:00 PM GMT. Add to: Google Calendar – Outlook Calendar – Yahoo Calendar

Getting a Foot in the Door

Getting a Foot in the Door

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Dr. Peter Lennox, University of Derby
“Excellent, down-to-earth, practical advice pitched bang on the target audience.”

Leah Brooker, Sound Engineer
“It really was a lightbulb moment and reading your story gave me the feeling of yes, I can and a much needed kick up the backside. You really are one inspirational lady!”

Breixo Giraldo
“It is undoubtedly the most useful user manual I’ve read in a long time”