What People Say

Barnaby Thwaites

I have been member of Soulsound for a few months now and rate a lot of the contact very highly. The video-tutorials particularly by Marcel van Limbeek I find excellent and these alone justify the subscription. The video-editor of these does a fine job of adding text to direct ones attention to the audio technique being demonstrated. Great stuff, and I look forward to more!

Ben Priest

Amazingly my career has taken a massive step forward since being a part of Soulsound – I’m really, really grateful. Soulsound has opened up doors in the industry I had no hope of opening myself. One of the best things to happen to my career.

Martim Cunha Rego

The Stagecraft Masterclass was a huge help when I was working as a Live Sound Assistant, and I still use a lot of the tips in the videos everyday. Soulsound is the single best sound engineering resource website for me. The best thing about it is that you have renowned sound engineers sharing their experience and knowledge

Claudio Somigli

A lot of young engineers suffer from the “am I actually doing this right?” factor. Having a contact with Jon, Justin, Marcel, Darryn and the others is a great way of building your confidence up.

Jim Parons, Programme Leader, Live Sound, dBs Music

I have known and worked with Jon Burton in the pro-audio world for many years and have a healthy respect for his knowledge and engineering skills.

Breixo Giraldo

After attending your 3 seminars on the PLASA Focus and reading your book (twice) I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
It is undoubtedly the most useful “user manual” I’ve read in a long time.

Scott Wanstall

Soulsound is FANTASTIC!! From meeting the friendly people that form its nucleus I learned about the site and how it could benefit ME, a young individual that is chasing the dream of becoming a respected Sound Engineer! I fully recommend Soulsound, as they have opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me!

Katherine Vamva

I am working in the Concert Hall of Athens as live sound engineer and almost everyday I have rehearsals that’s why it is difficult to attend (the webinar) in real time. I registered because I really care to learn more about sound and it is a great opportunity to expand my knowledge. I will definitely watch it. I hope in the future to include more videos on topics about live sound.

Leah Brooker

Without meaning to sound too gushy, I just wanted to say that I watched your “Foot in the Door presentation” and read some of your interviews. I was at that point in my career when you’re questioning “Can I really do this?”. It really was a lightbulb moment, and reading your “story” gave me the feeling of “Yes, I can!” and a much needed kick up the backside, you really are one inspirational lady!

Needless to say I’ve taken notes and am sitting down to rewrite my CV… may even get myself a new email address, although I’m rather attached to the old hotmail one!

Cris Callejo

Justin is one of the few who really knows what it’s all about. His notion of the industry and his understanding of the whole picture is pure gold. 

Marcel made me understand audio from a total different approach, I could suddenly connect all the dots in a surprising new approach!

Darryn de la Soul has not only catapulted my career, she is a solid reference point in the industry and on a personal level. As a lecturer she shaped a big part of my work ethic and directed me in the right direction, for that I am eternally grateful. That woman really knows what’s she’s doing.

Dimitris Gavalas

Darryn knows how the mechanisms of the world work. A caring and lovely person and the most suitable to teach you how to toughen up and “survive” in the sound engineering world and help you make your way into it. Some of the things that she tells you will “haunt” you (in a good way)  as many years as you work. Perfect sound engineers is her goal.

Justin Grealy is one of the wittiest and most interesting people I’ve ever met. Probably has the right answer to every existing sound engineering question. 

Marcel van Limbeek is the most inspiring tutor I’ve had in my life. After a lecture with Marcel you will swear you know everything about sound. His creative streak and endless experience generated by experimentation is something unforgettable.

Dimitar Angelov

Darryn de la Soul is an amazing person and a great example of a real professional. I have learnt so much from her, not only about sound, but also how the business side works and what someone should to do in order to get themselves into the game and stay there. I’ve been getting work through SoulSound agency since I’m in London and she’s been very helpful in my career development here.

Marcel van Limbeek is the perfect tutor. His approach in explaining things is so good that I’ve literally felt enlightened after every lecture I’ve had with him. Not only that, but his knowledge about sound engineering and acoustics is so broad that you can ask him any question that comes to mind and expect a pretty solid and informative answer.

Justin Grealy, with his huge amount of experience in Live sound… this is the man to go to when it comes to “what do I do now?” during a live show. He can give you not only examples to all kinds of tricky and problematic situations during a show, but also the solutions to all of them. During my education in live sound engineering, he was a key figure in giving the idea of how a live show should be properly prepared and executed.

José Ortega

Soulsound has been one of the most important point of inflexion in my life. Not only for helping me in my first steps in the audio industry, but making me the things really easier to work with important artists and awesome projects that, otherwise, it would have been really hard (if not impossible) to get in. I highly recommend Soulsound without any doubt!

Getting a Foot in the Door

Getting a Foot in the Door

How to Make Your Way in the Live Sound Industry
eBook by Darryn de la Soul

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Dr. Peter Lennox, University of Derby
“Excellent, down-to-earth, practical advice pitched bang on the target audience.”

Leah Brooker, Sound Engineer
“It really was a lightbulb moment and reading your story gave me the feeling of yes, I can and a much needed kick up the backside. You really are one inspirational lady!”

Breixo Giraldo
“It is undoubtedly the most useful user manual I’ve read in a long time”