Capturing The Magic Of Marjana

Tonight we are recording vocal parts with Iamthemorning singer Marjana Semkina. We are using 2 vintage microphones on the session. A Neumann U-67 was used earlier to record the lead vocal part, and now a Sony C-37A is used to record the all the remaining backing vocal parts. Both are large diaphragm tube microphones and both have recently been serviced and modified by the legendary microphone expert Tracy Korby.
The microphone pre-amplifier we use is a Chandler TG-2. The TG2 is a replica of the vintage EMI TG12428 pre amp that was used in EMI/Abbey Road recording consoles in the late 60s and early 70s. The output of the TG-2 is routed to a Manley Massive Passive, my favourite tube equaliser. Only a high pass filter is engaged. It has the job of removing any unmusical rumble frequencies. No other EQ is needed; that’s simply how good Marjana’s voice sounds…
Next in the chain comes my Universal Audio LA-2A, providing some subtle compression. This optical compressor is an ideal vocal compressor with its relatively slow attack time, resulting in enhanced intelligibility, and its smooth sounding gain reduction.
To make it easier for Marjana to sing we add a little reverb in the headphone mix. The reverb unit we use is a Bricasti M-7. The algorithm used is that of a classic vocal plate reverb.
Gianluca Capacchione is the engineer at the controls tonight, while I just listen to Marjana’s headphone mix…
I think I’m in heaven…

Getting a Foot in the Door

Getting a Foot in the Door

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