Exploring Experiments

For Plasa Show London 2016 Soulsound wanted to push the boat out and create something totally new and innovative. With the help of Limbic Productions we invited field leaders to design a series of experiments that showcased cutting-edge technology and offered an exciting immersive experience for attendees.
For our ‘maze’ on the upper gallery at London Olympia we had axe heads and horns, VR and spectroscopes, experiments on perception and even cranial tissue conduction from the University of Derby, for which our visitors had the pleasure of listening to Mozart through the bones in their skull. Our main intention was to prove a concept, demonstrate a principle and inspire visitors with some science in a simple, interactive, entertaining and educational way, and from the reaction we got, it seems this aim was fulfilled.
The installation was full of people wearing headsets, experiencing binaural audio, and taking part in a whole range of audio, lighting, preojection and VR experiments. The maze ended with the incredible ‘Lens through a Stereogram’- an interactive art installation that explores the notion of visual and sound perception, in particular in relation to dementia. The exhibit is being developed as part of a wider project, in which a series of interactive arts installations investigate how sense of perception, sense of the self and forms of expression may change in people affected by dementia. As you pass through the different zones you begin to get a real feel for the difficulties that affected individuals must experience in their everyday lives. It is important, challenging work.
None of this would have been possible if not for our headline sponsor NRG Lighting Community (Next Robe Generation), as well as masters of the build – ZEROdB Live and the Genius Bros.
NRG is a new initiative launched by Robe UK, offering future lighting professionals the chance to meet other like-minded individuals and access a whole range of interactive social networking and educational opportunities. Anyone in full time industry related studies or who has graduated from a relevant course within the last two years can join NRG.
ZEROdB Live produce award winning events with five year’s experience across Corporate, Music, Festivals, Theatre and Touring.
Genius Bros (pronounced Genius Brothers) work creating the magic it’s clients have come to know and love. The core team contains of sound, lighting, management, fabrication and risk experts – ensuring the right fit for every job. Genius Bros provide lighting, sound, staging and infrastructure alongside crew solutions at boutique and unique events, exhibitions and festivals across the UK.
For more information see below.
We would also like to thank Limbic Productions, University of Derby, Southampton Solent University, Funktion-One, d&b audiotechnik, Klang, preeVue, and Projection Artworks for their experiments as well as Barco, J&C Joel, Sound Directions, AVITS, DPA and tvONE who all provided us with equipment, support, ideas and general brilliance. We feel that we added something really special to Plasa Show this year and provided visitors with a new way of looking at the industry we all love so much.
To discover more about the NRG community, please contact Nicky Rowland [email protected]
ZEROdB Live contact Rob Stanley [email protected]
Genius Bros contact Callum Watchowski: [email protected]

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Getting a Foot in the Door

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