An Interview With Bob Heil

Bob is a man who is truly passionate about his craft – building high-quality, low-cost, great-sounding dynamic microphones with a bit of fun thrown in. He is an inspirational character who’s life is a fine example of how following your insincts and dreams, and doing the hard slog too, is a recipe for success in this, or any other, business.

Getting a Foot in the Door

Getting a Foot in the Door

How to Make Your Way in the Live Sound Industry
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Dr. Peter Lennox, University of Derby
“Excellent, down-to-earth, practical advice pitched bang on the target audience.”

Leah Brooker, Sound Engineer
“It really was a lightbulb moment and reading your story gave me the feeling of yes, I can and a much needed kick up the backside. You really are one inspirational lady!”

Breixo Giraldo
“It is undoubtedly the most useful user manual I’ve read in a long time”