Merlijn van Veen Interview

The goal is to provide you the means to introduce consistency into your work and exercise control over the variable circumstances that face a touring engineer – if all equipment remains the same, consistency nevertheless becomes elusive once the sound leaves the speakers and enters the room, which is most likely the most damaging part of the signal chain, and at the same time the least understood. The purpose of a seminar like this is to learn to interpret the data given you by an analyser, to give you control over your circumstances. The seminar will leave you capable of better identifying potential troubles in advance and plan solutions.

Getting a Foot in the Door

Getting a Foot in the Door

How to Make Your Way in the Live Sound Industry
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Dr. Peter Lennox, University of Derby
“Excellent, down-to-earth, practical advice pitched bang on the target audience.”

Leah Brooker, Sound Engineer
“It really was a lightbulb moment and reading your story gave me the feeling of yes, I can and a much needed kick up the backside. You really are one inspirational lady!”

Breixo Giraldo
“It is undoubtedly the most useful user manual I’ve read in a long time”